Hiroshima Wabisabi Hostelは、都市部に映えるお洒落な外観、和テイストあふれる内装が特徴的な広島市の中心部にあるホステル(ゲストハウス)です。




“Hiroshima Wabisabi Hostel” is a hostel located in the center of  Hiroshima City which shines with a modern appearance and a characteristic Japanese style interior. We fully reformed the building and created our rooms and lounge as described above.

The rooms have all been furnished with their own bathroom, guaranteeing privacy. Furthermore, we also prepared a traditional Japanese shared space with tatamis, where guests can interact and spend time together.

The hostel is in an extraordinary location, where Hiroshima Station, the business districts of Hacchobori and Kamiyacho, the night districts of Nagarekawa and Yagenbori are all within a ten-minute walk.

As a result, you can stay at the hostel and conveniently visit the tourist areas as the A-bomb Dome, Itsukushima (Miya Jima), etc., Or for business trips, to stay after a dinner, a party or for girls-only excursions etc.

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